We meet every Tuesday morning, from January to mid May, and then September until mid December. The club meets at the Portstewart Golf Club, Strand Road, Portstewart - from 10.30 to 12.30. For more information about the Golf Club, just 'Click' this link (it will open in a new window).
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Coleraine Probus Club bids you welcome…

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Committee members for 2019/20: Seated (left to right): Events and Catering Chairman: Joe Alcorn. Hon Treasurer: Nigel Semple. President: John McGlade. Hon Secretary: Graham MacDonald. Past President and Speakers Sub Committee Chairman: Des Moore
Standing (left to right): Website and Press Officer: Mike Turner. Vice President and Assistant Treasurer: Derick Woods. Assistant to Speaker and Social Sub Committees: Eric Fulton. Welfare Officer: Cecil Spotten. Accounts Examiner: Graham Kane. Photography Officer: Ken Parkes. 2nd Vice President: John McKegney

Coleraine Probus Club meetings are being arranged for our Spring 2019 session:-

Our Speakers and 'other' events are as follows:
Tuesday 26th March
It is a Club LUNCH
(12.00 for seating at 12.30pm)
starting a new month on
Tuesday 2nd April
Alan Jeffers, whose topic is "PORTRUSH REGENERATION PROJECT"
All our Speaker's meetings are at the Portstewart Golf Club,
10.30 for coffee and chat before the start at 11.00.

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Catch up with the news; what's been added to the website recently?

Here are some of our recent 2019 Probus year reports, that have been added to the Club Website….
1. On the 5th of Feb. with our new President in charge, local historian Jim Hunter took us to meet 'The King of Tory Island', and his domain. 2. Then on the 12th February, John McCullough came along to tells us about the work of '"Kids4School" in Tanzania. 3. On the 19th of February, Sean McGarry and Barry Torrens came along to tell us about the "Community Rescue Service" (what a fantastic service they provide! - WebEd). 4. At the end the month, we had a visit to the Portrush Lifeboat Station and met Fred Williams for a talk about the RNLI (another fantastic service - WebEd). 5. On the 5th March Jeremy Lewis came along to tell us about the early years of 'The Riverside Theatre' 6, Finally. on the 12th March, Norman Thorpe can along with an excellent presentation of 'Coastal Defences'.
ALSO, back by popular demand, we've added something (or three) to smile about in these days of 'Brexit', or as Victor Meldrew would say "I don't believe it" ('Click' here to find out more!).
PLEASE NOTE: There is no access to our 'Archive' pages. We are working on the oldest "Archive" section of the website, to make it more compatible with our newer pages. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you! (and it's taking longer than I thought - WebEd).
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New President John McGlade greets Jim Hunter with recent club member John O'Neill (R)
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New Vice President Derick Woods greets John McCullough with club members John McHenry (L) and Graham Kane (R)
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Vice President Derick Woods greets Sean McGarry and Barry Torrens (L) with club member James Nesbitt (R)
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Vice President Derick Woods and club members thank Fred Williams for the fascinating visit to the RNLI Station at Portrush
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President John McGlade meets the long time Riverside Theatre Manager, Jeremy Lewis
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President John McGlade greets Norman Thorpe with club Secretary Graham MacDonald (R)
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Our 2019 AGM Photos

To take a look at our 2019 AGM, just ‘Click’ the 'hand-over' below:-
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Our 30th Anniversary and Christmas concert event photos, are now on our Members, Meetings and Lunches Photo Page