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Coleraine Probus Club bids you welcome…

We meet every Tuesday morning, from January to mid May, and then September until mid December. The club meets at the Portstewart Golf Club, Strand Road, Portstewart - from 10.30 to 12.30. For more information about the Golf Club, just 'Click' this link (it will open in a new window).
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Taking a look at our new Committee members for 2020/21: Seated (left to right): Club Secretary: Graham MacDonald. Past President: John McGlade. Our 2020 President: Derick Woods. Vice President: John McKegney. Hon Treasurer: Nigel Semple.
Standing (left to right): Website / Press Officer: Mike Turner. Club Photographer: Ken Parkes. Speakers Sub Committee Chair: Des Moore. Second Vice President: Des Johnston. Welfare Officer: Norman Gallagher. Social / Catering Sub Committee Chair: Eric Fulton.

Coleraine Probus Club meetings are now in our Spring 2020 session:-

Don't Forget, on
Tuesday 25th February
Club Lunch at The Lodge
12.00 for 12.30 Meal
Wives, Friends and Partners are Welcome
(but perhaps not all three!?)
Our next Probus Speakers meeting is on
Tuesday 3rd March
Michelle McDaid - Air Ambulance NI
(This is offering for CHARITY)
and then on
Tuesday 10th March,
Frank Rodgers - "A Musical Tour of Northern Ireland"

All our Speaker's meetings are at the Portstewart Golf Club,
10.30 for coffee and chat before the start at 11.00.

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Catch up with the news; what's been added to the website recently?

Here is the final report for our Autumn 2019 series of meetings, and the first five of our 2020 Spring meetings, that we have added to the Club Website….
1. Our last speaker in 2019, when on the 3rd of December we welcomed Jennifer Gault, a 'Parish Nurse", a new idea that's taking off locally. Then 2. We started the New Year on the 7th January when Helen Parry told us about some "Highlights of the Museum Service Collection". 3. Andrew Kane came along on the 14th January to give us the history of "Coleraine Elections". 4. On the 21st January Kevin Scott was welcomed by Dr John McGlade, his last guest to be welcomed to the Club while President, to talk about "Occupational Therapy". Then 5. On the 4th February, newly elected Club President Derick Woods, welcomed local author Tony Mcaulay, who told us all about his latest book. And 6. On the 11th of February, we welcomed John Logan to talk about his mission work in Brazil.
NOTE: On the 28th January the Club held its 2020 AGM, for photos of the event 'Click' the link below, or go to our MML (that's 'Members, Meetings and Lunches') page..
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President Dr John McGlade greets Jennifer Gault, with Second Vice President John McKegney (R) and new(ish) club member, George Butler (L)
Just ‘Click’ the pic to visit the page.
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President Dr. John McGlade greets Helen Perry, with Club Treasurer Nigel Semple (L) and Club Photographer Ken Parkes (R).
Just ‘Click’ the pic to visit the page.
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President Dr. John McGlade greets Andrew Kane, with Club member (and Dad) Graham Kane (L) and Speakers Committee Chair Des Moore (R)
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Dr. John McGlade greets the last speaker during his stint as Club President, Kevin Stott, with club members Jim Archer (L) and John Christy (R)
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New President Derick Woods greets Tony Mcaulay, with Club Photographer Ken Parkes (again!) (R) and Club Accounts Examiner Graham Kane (also again!) (L)
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Club President Derick Woods greets John Logan, with club members Eric Fulton (L) and Billy Platt (R)
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The 2020 AGM photos are now available on our MML page, just 'Click' the photo below to go direct to our photo display...

To take a look at proceedings, and find out who our New President is, just 'Click' the photo below…
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The Treasurer, President and Secretary are all set to go, and Ken is sorting out the 'Kamera' ready for your viewing…

We have a special revamped "Raise a Smile" page for Probus Members, just 'Click' the Brave Knight to see for yourself!

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PLEASE NOTE: There is now a limited access to our 'Archive' pages. We are working on the oldest "Archive" section of the website, to make it more compatible with our newer pages. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you! (and it's still taking longer than I thought - WebEd).