Speaker for 18th February 2020

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Speaker for 11th February 2020

Club President Derick Woods greets John Logan, with club members Eric Fulton (L) and Billy Platt (R)

Coleraine Probus takes a look at life in Brazil

The speaker for a recent club meeting was John Logan, who will shortly be journeying to Brazil with his wife Phyllis. The trip would not be for a holiday, but rather their 25th working visit to the country, as part of the couple's involvement with the "South American Missionary Society“ (SAMS), where the two would be there 'working with, and helping people to help themselves.
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Speaker for 4th February

Derick Woods greets author Tony Macaulay, the first speaker for his year as Club President, with him are club members Graham Kane (L) and Ken Parkes (our photographer!?) (R)

Coleraine Probus find they can smile at the 'Troubles'

Portstewart based author Tony Macaulay made a welcome return to the Coleraine Club, to tell members about his latest book.



Speaker for 21st January 2020

Dr. John McGlade greets the last speaker during his stint as Club President, Kevin Stott, with club members Jim Archer (L) and John Christy (R)

Coleraine Probus finds out about 'Occupational Therapy'

The President, John McGlade, welcomed members to the meeting, and then introduced our speaker, Kevin Stott. Kevin's topic was something nearly all the members had experienced at some time, “Occupational Therapy”.