Speaker for 3rd December 2019

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Speaker for 26th November 2019

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Speaker for 19th November 2019

President John McGlade greets Barry Grimes, with club member Ian Murray (R) and Club Treasurer Nigel Semple (L)

Coleraine Probus, speaking-up for the hard of hearing

President John McGlade was speaking-up well when he welcomed our speaker at a recent Probus meeting. This was Barry Grimes, who was along to talk about the 'Loss of Hearing and Tinnitus'



Speaker for 12th November 2019

President John McGlade greets Christine Turner and Lisa Mooney (L), with Club Secretary Graham MacDonald (R)

Coleraine Probus see opposing sides working together

There were two speakers at a recent Probus club meeting, and the story they told had several members wondering if they were hearing correctly. Lisa Mooney, from the Building Communities Resource Centre (BCRC) in Ballymoney and Christine Turner, a participant in the planned BCRC programme, came along to talk about an extraordinary journey of change.