Speaker for 21st January 2020

Dr. John McGlade greets the last speaker during his stint as Club President, Kevin Stott, with club members Jim Archer (L) and John Christy (R)

Coleraine Probus finds out about 'Occupational Therapy'

The President, John McGlade, welcomed members to the meeting, and then introduced our speaker, Kevin Stott. Kevin's topic was something nearly all the members had experienced at some time, “Occupational Therapy”.

Kevin, a native of England, obtained a Degree in Architecture in 2004. However in 2017 he realised he had more of an interest in People than 'Bricks and Mortar', so he trained and joined the local Occupational Therapy Service.

Kevin gave a detailed review of the procedures adopted by the Community Occupational Therapist. They examine the long term disability of the client, adapt treatment, provide advice or alter the environment to allow, where possible, independent living.

The O.T. will provide advice on easier ways of carrying out daily tasks to remain independent and will assess and recommend the loan of equipment such as mobility aids, bath seats, perching stools, bed levers etc.

If equipment cannot be provided advice will be given on how to obtain it. Advice will also be given about appropriate housing adaptations that will enable the client to remain in their own home. Leisure and work needs can also be explored. Where necessary other care services can be involved.

Kevin and the O.T. service's vision, is to deliver excellent integrated services in partnership with the community. And with staff as committed to the work as Kevin, then many of us 'oldies' can be sure that our advancing years may not be as painful and debilitating as perhaps we feared. Well done Kevin (and colleagues), keep up the good work!

Once again, many thanks to Graham for most of this report