Speaker for 20th February 2018

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Speaker for 13th February 2018

President Des Moore greets David Laughlin, with club members Derick Woods (L) and Graham Kane (R)

Coleraine Probus, down on the Organic Farm

Coleraine Probus were pleased to meet David Laughlin, a local farmer with his roots firmly planted in the past and a keen eye focused on the future.



Speaker for 6th February 2018

President Des Moore greets Michael Moss, with club Treasurer Nigel Semple (L) and club member Norman Gallagher (R)

Coleraine Probus and the Irish Open

Coleraine Probus had a look behind the scenes of last year's Irish Open, when Michael Moss from Portstewart Golf Club came along to talk to the members. Michael started his talk and setting the scene, by giving members a 'potted' history of the Club and also the Open - and haven't things changed over the years!