Minutes for 14th February 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Coleraine Probus Club
Attendance: 44 members were in attendance.

Apologies: Des Johnston, James Nesbitt, Billy Platt and Robin Semple, (4)

The President, Mike Turner, welcomed members and guest, Liam Hickey, to the meeting. He then introduced this morning’s speaker, Maria McGilly the topic of her talk being “Rotary’s ShelterBoxes”
Maria gave a detailed account of the charity, ShelterBox, set up in the year 2000 by a Rotarian from Helston, Cornwall which now operates in conjunction with Rotary International to provide temporary shelter and life saving supplies to families displaced by natural or man made disasters.

Each large transportable box, costing £590:00, typically contains a tent designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, a water purification kit, blankets, cooking utensils, tools and other necessities to help a family survive a disaster. Response teams distribute the boxes on the ground working closely with security forces, local communities, international aid agencies and Rotary Clubs worldwide.
A question and answer session followed the presentation. A brief summary of this talk is available in the speaker’s record book and here on the club website.
A vote of thanks proposed by John McKegney was passed to Maria by the President. The members showed their appreciation of a most informative talk.

Weekly Business:
The minutes of 7th February 2017 were read, approved by the members and signed by the President.

Matters arising: None not covered by the agenda.

Correspondence: Samuel Reid wrote to thank members for the warm reception he received at the previous Probus meeting. The gift he received was donated to ”The Dog’sTrust.”

Social: Joe Alcorn has the menus for the Club lunch on Tue. 28th Feb. Completed menu choices should be returned to Eric Fulton by not later than Tue. 21st February.

Welfare: Cecil Spotten reported that Leslie Brennan is now in The Causeway Hospital and is seriously ill. Ernest Preece is still incapacitated by leg ulcers.

Treasurer: Nigel Semple commended the good response with regard to the payment of the annual subscriptions. He will be available after the meeting to receive outstanding payments.

A.O.B. No other business.

Next meeting: Will be held on Tuesday 21st February 2017 when the speaker will be club member Norman Gallagher on the subject of “N.Z. Journey.”

The President thanked members for attending and looked forward to seeing them at the next meeting.
The meeting closed at 11:53 am.

Signed: Mike Turner
Date 21st February 2017.