Minutes for 2nd May 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Coleraine Probus Club
36 members were in attendance.

Apologies: Jim Archer, Jim Donaghy, Jim Gordon, Cecil Leitch, John McGlade, Ian Murray, Billy Platt, Ernest Preece, Nigel Semple, John Tan and Jim Torrens. (11)

The President, Mike Turner, welcomed members to the meeting. Unfortunately Judith Lavery of the PSNI was unable to attend the meeting. He was, however, delighted to introduced this morning’s speaker Bishop Patrick Rooke the topic of his talk being “Ministry in the West of Ireland”. The Bishop stepped in at very short notice having this morning travelled from Castlebar.

We had a fascinating and unique look into the structure and daily life of the Church of Ireland in the Diocese of Tuam, Killala and Achonry, when Bishop Rooke came to meet the club members. The Diocese, where Patrick has served for the last six years, covers a large area which extends from Sligo to Galway. His home is located centrally in Castlebar. There are 32 places of worship in the 9 parishes that make up the diocese and there are 9 Rectors to cover the pastoral work and church services. Each parish has from two to five churches producing a pretty challenging workload for the Rectors. Patrick has his time split between his own diocese, spending about half the week in Dublin on the wider Church and inter-faith work.

A question and answer session followed the talk. A summary of the talk is available in the speaker’s record book and here on the club website. A vote of thanks, proposed by Leo Dolan, was passed to Bishop Patrick by the President. The members showed their appreciation of an excellent talk.

Weekly Business:
The minutes of 25th April 2017 were, with the approval of the members, taken as read,

Matters arising:
None not covered by the agenda.

Correspondence: 1. A letter was received from the Altzheimer’s Society publicising A Health and Wellbeing Fair to be held in The Lodge Hotel on Tue. 16th May; 11:00 to 3:00pm.

2. Counterpoint Concert on Fri. 19th May at 7:30 pm. in St. Patrick’s Church.

Joe Alcorn said there was a good response for the club lunch and menus are still available for the 9th May. Quiz master Des Johnston reassured members that the range of questions are suitable for those with modest recall.

Welfare: Cecil Spotten reported that Billy Platt is recovering in hospital from an operation and is making good progress.

Treasurer: Nothing to report; an apology was received from Nigel Semple.

A.O.B. Ken Parkes said he was sure that members had interesting stories or life experiences that could be shared in a 10-15 minute slot at meetings. Help could be given in the powerpoint preparation of photographs and slides.

Next meeting: Will be held on Tuesday 9th May 2017 and will consist of the annual club quiz followed by the Probus Club lunch. This will be the last meeting before the Summer break.

The President thanked members for attending and hoped all would have an enjoyable summer. Coleraine Probus Club meetings will resume on Tuesday 5th September 2017.

The meeting closed at 12:02pm.

Signed Mike Turner
Date: 5th September 2017.