Minutes for 16th January 2018

Minutes of the meeting of Coleraine Probus Club
38 members were in attendance.

Apologies: James Dinsmore, Eric Fulton, Danny Kennedy, Cecil Leitch, John McKegney, James Nesbit, Michael Turner and Gordon Ward. (8)

The Vice President, Des Moore, welcomed members to the meeting together with guests Maurice Platt and Robin Blackwood. He then introduce this morning’s speaker, The Rev. Patrick Barton the topic of his talk being “Flora and Fauna on Rathlin.”

A summary of the talk is available in the speaker’s record book and here on the club website.

A vote of thanks proposed by Malcolm Hinds was passed to Patrick by the Vice President. The members showed their appreciation of an interesting and informative talk.

Weekly Business:
The minutes of the 9th January 2018 were, with the approval of the members, taken as read and signed by the Vice President.

Matters arising: None not covered by the agenda.

Correspondence: None.

Joe Alcorn reminded members that on Tue. 30th January, as an experiment, a Probus Members’ buffet lunch will be held in the Lodge Hotel,12:30 for1:00 pm.

Welfare: Cecil Spotten said that he had nothing to report.

Treasurer: Nigel Semple also confirmed that he had nothing to report.

1. A.G.M.
The Vice President said that he has discussed the venue for the AGM with Mike Turner and in order to avoid confusion with the Golf Club it was felt that the AGM should be held at the Golf Club, 10:30 for 11:00 am. The Members Buffet Lunch at the Lodge Hotel will follow at 12:30 for 1:00 pm. Main course buffet cost £7:25. Tea or coffee on arrival £1:95 (no biscuits) Members will be seated in the Conservatory. Please give your name to the Secretary if you intend going to the lunch.

2. Formal notice for the A.G.M. on 30-01-2018. Members wishing to raise matters for the agenda or make changes or additions to the Constitution should inform the Secretary on or before 23rd January 2018.

3. New Members.
(a) Nigel Semple formally proposed that Robin Blackford be accepted for membership of Coleraine Probus Club; proposal seconded by Malcolm Hinds.
(b) Ahmed Sharieff formally proposed that Gerry Sayers be accepted for membership of Coleraine Probus Club; proposal seconded by Des Johnston. Both proposals were unanimously approved by the members.

4. Celebration, The Vice President revealed that a member has recently celebrated a significant birthday, All present joined him in wishing Noel Finlay a very happy and joyful birthday.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Tue.16th Jan.2018 when the speaker will be Anthony on the subject of “The Simon Community”. This is the President’s choice of charity and a retiring collection will be taken up.

Closing Remarks: The Vice President thanked members for attending and looked forward to seeing them at the next meeting.
The meeting closed at 12:00 noon.

Signed Mike Turner
Date 23rd January 2018