Minutes for 19th September 2017

Minutes of the meeting of Coleraine Probus Club
36 members were in attendance.

Apologies: Robert Campbell, John Dobson, Noel Finlay, Jack Henderson, Danny Kennedy, John McGlade, John McKegney, James Nesbitt, Reggie Patterson, Billy Platt, and Gordon Ward. (11)

The President, Mike Turner, welcomed members to the meeting including our guest, Maurice Platt. He was also delighted to introduce this morning’s speaker Susan Lyons the topic of her talk being “ OASIS Caring in Action”

Oasis is a registered charity funded by DSD and voluntary contributions which works to transform lives and communities through the provision of childcare, training and befriending services.
Susan, a Deaconess in the Church of Scotland, met her husband at a summer mission camp in Scotland. She trained in pastoral care and worked with Womens’ Aid before transferring to Oasis as a community volunteer. The aim is to support people to be the best that they can be no matter what problems they encounter. Social standing does not exempt people from personal difficulties or suffering. Oasis Care in Action is there to provide much needed one to one support, mentoring and counselling.

A question and answer session followed the talk. A summary of the talk is available in the speaker’s record book and here on the club website.
A vote of thanks, proposed by John McHenry, was passed to Susan by the President. The members showed their appreciation of an excellent talk.

Weekly Business:
The minutes of 12th September 2017 were, with the approval of the members, taken as read and signed by the President. These can be viewed on the Club website.

Matters arising: None not covered by the agenda.

Correspondence: Copies of the email from The Alzheimer’s Society publicising “The Causeway Walk” on Sat. 7th October can be viewed by members at the signing in table.

Social: Joe Alcorn confirmed that menus for the Club Lunch on Tue. 26th Sept. are now available. Any outstanding returns should be handed in today.

Welfare: Cecil Spotten reported that Robert Campbell is being treated in hospital for a heart condition.

Treasurer: Nigel Semple indicated that he had nothing new to report.

A.O.B. 1: Des Johnston reported that £160:00 was collected for the “Rotary Shelter Box Project” linked to the recent natural disasters in the Caribbean, Bangladesh, Florida Keys and Texas.

2: Armstrong Medical: On Tuesday 3rd October 2017 members are invited to visit the local company “Armstrong Medical” at their premises in Wattstown, Coleraine.

Next Meeting: The next speaker’s meeting will be held on Tue. 10th Oct. when the speaker will be Mervyn Whyte on the subject of the “NW 200”.

The President wished members a happy and safe week ahead and looked forward to seeing them at the Club Lunch on Tue. 26th Sept.
The meeting closed at 12:07 pm.

Signed: Mike Turner
Date: 10th October 2017