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Probus (All-Ireland)

PROBUS is the Association of retired and semi-retired professional and business personnel in autonomous localised clubs throughout Ireland, Britain and the rest of the world
The club meets at least once a month for fellowship and to hear guest speakers.
The word PROBUS is an abbreviation of the words PROfessional and BUSiness but membership is not restricted to these two groups. It also embraces former executives of government and other organisations and, in fact, any person who has had some measure of responsibility in any field of endeavour.
The Probus movement has no central world body. Some countries and regions do have their own governing body for Probus, usually called Probus Centres, staffed by volunteers, but Great Britain and Ireland, where Probus began, do not.
The emphasis is for Probus Clubs to be:
Simple in structure.
Free from the constraints and obligations of service clubs.
Involve members in minimum costs.
Directed primarily to provide fellowship with the opportunity for development and acquaintance.
Made up from members who are compatible with one another.
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**Top Tip:- Apart from a wealth of information, the Probus (All-Ireland) web site has a good coverage of the All Ireland Probus Rallys from 2005 - well worth a look!

The Probus Information Centre

The Probus Information Centre (P.I.C.) was established 40 years ago, by the founder Ralph Derek Harper. Ralph designed the infamous 'P' insignia that today gives Probians worldwide recognition.

The P.I.C. was created by Ralph to provide a crossroads of communication, information and services to Probus Clubs in the UK (as in the late sixties there was none in existence) and is recognised by worldwide Probus board members and Rotary International as the point of contact in the UK.

One of the useful features of the 'Probus World' web site is a very comprehensive 'Online Shop' providing all things Probus at reasonable prices.

Click the picture link to the right to visit the website, it's well worth a browse.
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'Probus.Org.UK' is the home of the ‘Probus Magazine’, and the owners say: -

'Our website is designed to help you find us and find out more about Probus General Trading.  If you have any thoughts about our website, or need more information please contact us.'
'Probus General Trading Co. Ltd. was formed some 15 years ago with the specific purpose of publishing a “Probus Magazine” for Probus Club Members.  This was as a result of a demand from Clubs around the country wanting to learn about the activities of other Clubs and extend the friendship between Clubs – (there being no central organisation)
We have now had 39 issues of the “Probus Magazine” sent to Clubs throughout the United Kingdom, Eire, Jersey and other countries.'

The website may not be too up-to-date, as the most recent 'Editorial' is dated 'Autumn 2012', but if you want to find out about this Probus magazine, want ideas for visiting speakers or advice on a draft constitution, then give the site a visit.

Click the picture link to the right to visit the website.
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Probus Org

This is the home of 'World Probus' (NOT the same as Probus World AND NOT the UK version either). The site has the added interest of listing Probus Clubs world wide - if you are looking to visit countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe, this website can give you a contact for your visit.

The website also has a section of the history of Probus; the links with 'Rotary'; some help in starting a Probus Club; and also a page of jokes supplied by Probus members (but we're not sure why they bothered! - Web Ed)

Click one of the picture links to the right to visit the website to see for yourself.
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The All Ireland Rally 2017 was held in Omagh

Omagh Probus Club meets at 10.30 am each Wednesday in Omagh Golf Club [see map below] from October to June. The club has some 50 members of whom 30 attend regularly, coming out week by week to participate in a varied programme of talks and other activities, as shown in the programme.
The Officers of the Club serve for one year and are elected annually at the AGM, as required by the Club Constitution.
For more information about the club have a look at our History page or contact the secretary:-

All-Ireland Probus Rally 2017
Hosts: The Probus Clubs of Omagh, Co Tyrone
Venue: The Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh
Date: Wednesday 17th and
Thursday 18th May 2017

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Left to right in the photograph;
Vice-President 2016: John McCandless
President 2016: Paul Gallagher*
Past-President 2015: Eamon Cunningham

What about 'Wikipedia'?

The online encyclopedia 'Wikipedia' has a brief, but useful over-view of 'Probus'. It may be a little out of date as it hasn't been revised since 2007, but interesting to read anyway.

Click the picture link to the right to visit this website.
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