A fun page from Private Eye
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Welcome to our new 'Fun Feature'

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A special "Raise a Smile" page for Probus Members

Club members like to have a joke and a smile, especially when it's something that really did happen or was said. The satirical news magazine 'Private Eye' is a great source reported errors.
The two best short sections to raise a smile from all our members are:
(1) "Dumb Britain" - answers from TV Quiz contestants, and
(2), "Commentatorballs" - the things sports commentators can say, when the mic is switched on and their brain isn't.
We now have 30 Fun Features for you to read in the section, and have a smile along the way,

As you can see, we've just dropped in a bunch of Private Eye snippets for you to sort through.
If you 'Click' on the mini snippet with the
RED FRAME (Top Left of pile), it will expand to view better.
You can then 'click' on the 'Forward' or 'Back' arrows ( ' >' or '< ' ) to move through the pile in order.
OUR, you can simply 'Click' on any of the small images, and enjoy the read.
Why not have a go now?

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Celebrating 1500 and more, issues of 'Private Eye'

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For a look at Private Eye, just 'Click' the logo >

(This will open in a new window)

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If you would like to subscribe to Private Eye (and save about 35% on cover price), just 'Click' the Brave Knight >

(This will open in a new window)

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